Take control over your digital signage with iiSignage and iiyama’s 40 and 42 series displays.

iiSignage is iiyama’s free-to-use digital signage content management software that comes standard with any of the 40 series (LExx40UHS) and 42 series (LHxx42UHS) Professional Large Format Digital Signage displays.

With iiSignage, you can easily create, publish and manage your own digital signage content.

Use rich content like video’s and widgets to create highly impactful advertising in minutes and schedule your content across multiple displays to best match your customers behaviour.

You are in control!

Key Features

Create your own professional content in no-time

Creating your own signage advertisements with iiSignage is easy and fast.

You can use one of the available free templates to build your advertisements or you can create and design your own advertisements from scratch.

It is also possible, when you are working with a creative agency, to import advertisements or custom designs which you can edit yourself in iiSignage.

Be creative and stand out

Whether you are using one of the templates or creating your own designs, it is possible to add rich-content such as video’s, image slider effects or rolling text bars to your advertisements for maximum impact.

It is even possible to use web-widgets to display real-time information such as a weather report, in your advertisements.

With iiSignage you have the freedom to get creative and create your advertisements just the way you want.

Schedule, publish and manage your content on time and across devices

Digital Signage is more than just creating visually attractive content. It is also about making sure your messages are delivered on time to the right audience. iiSignage allows you to select the best time and place to show your content.

Displays can be added to separate groups – up to 10 - and each group can have its own playlist and hourly schedule; allowing you to tailor your messages per location, device and time.

iiSignage can also monitor the status of all connected displays and allow you to broadcast important news and notifications to all displays at once.

It is even possible to back-up and restore your content and content planning in case of a computer failure.

How it works

iiSignage is free-to-use when purchasing one of iiyama’s 40 or 42 series displays. You can download the iiSignage software for your PC directly from iiyama.com/iiSignage or via the product page of your display.
All iiyama 4K 40 series (LExx40UHS) and 42 series (LHxx42UHS) displays come preinstalled with the software to ensure your display is recognized and the iiSignage content can be controlled and scheduled through iiyama’s iiSignage software. No need to download and install additional software.
To work with iiSignage the PC or notebook needs to be connected to the same (LAN/WiFi) network as the displays.