Make a strong entrance

Your staff, students and visitors deserve the very best welcome you can provide, it is a chance to make a strong statement without saying a word.

First impressions count for a lot and the importance of digital information, wayfinding, visitor login points and safety information provide a secure environment in which all of your visitors and regular users can feel confident in navigating the facilities of your school, college or university.

Android OS makes it easy to customize displays by installing applications directly to them. The Intel® SDM slot allows you to create scalable all-in-one projects. The integrated iiSignage² CMS (Content Management System) gives you total control of your messaging and adverting on your iiyama LFD, remotely and safely.


Enjoy total flexibility for Digital Signage in any space with our range of displays from the LH60, LH64, LH65 and LH75 SERIES.

The slim bezel design and vibrant 500cd/mbright panels deliver amazing 4K content. The LH60 SERIES vivid-bright panels provide even 800cd/m2. The ability to position them in landscape or portrait formats means you can make the most of any space in order to bring your messaging, advertisements, video's and safety information to your audience.


This Content Management System (CMS) gives you total control of your messaging and adverting on your iiyama LFD, remotely and safely.

In this video you can learn how to add your iiyama screens to the iiSignage² CMS and merge them all into one simple dashboard. You will see how to create, schedule and deliver your content in the most intuitive way.

Enjoy watching the video!


With the increased appetite to automate visitor entry login or simple wayfinding around a daunting Campus, iiyama Touchscreens ensure intuitive ease of use in a sleek but robust design to withstand the rigours of public use.

Our edge-to-edge glass fronted touchscreens mimic the experience we all enjoy from our tablets and phones, so the user experience of our 15 Series and 39 Series touchscreens are the perfect choice for information desk or an integral part of your kiosk solution.


Receptionist are the first human contact when visitors arrive. In this digital age almost every facet of life is connected to information, impacting human feelings and thought processes. Beyond and behind all that are people, just like you and me and the most basic requirements have remained the same, we all want a friendly welcome.

By using iiyama desktops you can connect the best of both worlds, human contact and digital signage. Personnel can smoothly connect the desktops to the digital signage displays, saving on connectivity issues and providing efficiency while updating content on multiple signage displays with ease.

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The availability of classrooms and meeting spaces come at a premium.

To coordinate room usage, it’s important to use a meeting room management system, which is both intuitive and effective. The iiyama ProLite TW1023ASC-B1P provides the solution, as you can simply sideload any application to the OS giving you total flexibility.

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